Photo Credit: Calvary Basketball

Javon Floyd, who went to Calvary Day before transferring now to Quality Education this coming season, has been a prospect that hasn't garnered a ton of attention from programs but that could change quickly.  We are talking about an under-the-radar type of prospect that stands at 6'7 and has a strong feel to his game, along with his ability to score from multiple areas.

Our own Rick Lewis saw him back early in 2019, having this to say about Floyd's game:

'We honestly believe this could be a huge breakout year for 6'6 2021 Javon Floyd. We're talking about a lengthy, bouncy, and effortless jumper who simply gets off the floor quickly, not to mention he has such a smooth and fluid game. In addition, we were very impressed with his ability to talk on both ends of the court, but especially on the defensive side of the ball. Floyd is best going 'downhill' but he demonstrated time and time again a very effortless and fun game.'

He has continued his intriguing play this summer in multiple events, as you can find his name on multiple top performances' list from Phenom Hoops events in the last month. 

Floyd though could be seeing more coaches come his way, as he recently received an offer from Shaw and his latest one coming after his play at the Summer Finale in Rock Hill.

Hampton jumped on board with an offer and they seem to really like what he could provide for their program at the next level.

'They said they love how I take school, basketball, and all my other priorities straight,' Floyd told Phenom Hoops.  'They feel like I would fit well with them.  They love my versatility, athleticism, and size for my position.'

He is also quite familiar with the program, as his sister attended Hampton and she loved the school.  So, he certainly knows the opportunities that the school and conference could provide him at the next level.

Floyd also still has a great relationship with the coaching staff at Shaw and hopes to visit sometime down the road.' However, schools like The Citadel, Catawba, and Seton Hill have been expressing strong interest his way.

Floyd though has really seen his recruitment kick up a notch and he certainly deserves it, as this could be a big year and summer for this young man that has gone a little under the radar.