Brown-Ferguson is yet another prospect from Canada that is making a name for himself with college programs around the country.  Big offers continue to roll in for the 2021 center and there is a possibility that fans will be seeing him on a college court even earlier.

After an impressive summer, Brown-Ferguson has continued to pick up offers as his hard work has paid off.

“My summer has been great,” he said.  “My recruitment has really picked up and I’ve been playing very well.  I’ve been working on being more versatile, becoming stronger and my motor.”

There has been some talk as well that he may look to reclass into the class of 2020 but Brown-Ferguson admits that he is still thinking over that decision.

“Reclassing is very intriguing to me at this time.  I want to get started early.  If I want to reclass, I have to get stronger and I have to develop my game, so I can make an immediate impact.”

As of right now, Brown-Ferguson mentioned that he would be making that decision after the new year.

With his recruitment, Brown-Ferguson has picked up offers from Marquette, Indiana, and UConn in the last two weeks, as the coaches were impressed with his play in Houston.

“(I’m) very excited to pick up those big-time offers,” he said.  “They like how I played at the NCAA Academy in Houston and they are very interested in me.”

Those three schools now join the list of offers that include Kansas, Oklahoma, Georgetown, Texas A&M, Providence, Maryland, New Mexico, Stanford, Tulane, Ohio, Denver, and Seton Hall.

“They like my motor, touch, aggressiveness, good attitude, and I’m good with teammates,” he replied about coaches like about his game.  “All of my offers really stand out to me in my opinion. I would like to say all my offers stand out in their own ways.”

He also has earned interest from schools like Wisconsin, Illinois, Oregon, Ohio State, Purdue, Virginia Tech, and Oregon State.

Whether Brown-Ferguson re-classes or not, he says that he is looking at programs that offer a good education, play style, good relationship with the coaches, good conference, and a good schedule ahead.

He should learn more about those schools and what they have to offer when he makes visits, something he and his family have started to work on but nothing has been set in stone.

The Canadian center brings a lot of intrigue to the court and it will be interesting when you will see him on the court for a college program.  But no matter what, it certainly won’t be the last time you hear his name with the versatility he brings to the floor.