Head coach Scott Taylor has a very intriguing team at Myers Park this season, as they sit at 15-5 on the season and looking to make a run in the playoffs coming up.  He, of course, has football and basketball star Drake Maye leading the team once again, along with an up-and-coming freshman in Elijah Strong but a junior guard has really been gaining traction as well this year.

6’0 Xavier McKelvy has been averaging nearly 15 points, 5.0 rebounds per game for the Mustangs and has become yet another go-to player this season.  Without Maye on the court due to football early on in the season, McKelvy took control of being the strongest offensive weapon the Mustangs had.  Even with Maye on the floor, the junior guard has delivered scoring the ball in an array of ways.

“I would describe my game as old school because I love the mid-range shot and getting inside looks,” McKelvy told Phenom Hoops.  “I love to attack and stay aggressive no matter what.”

Watching his game on the floor though, old school is probably the best way to describe his game.  He isn’t flashy with his play but can be incredibly effective, especially with his long stride and wiggle in his game.  At times, it seems that he is going slower than opponents but he is simply setting one up to change directions and score. He also brings a toughness and physicality to the floor, one that plays hard each possession.

McKelvy said that he is continuing to work on his ball-handling, his three-point shooting, and rebounding as a guard.  However, the junior guard in Charlotte is quietly making an impression in the state of North Carolina and with Phenom Hoops.

He should be one that coaches should keep an eye on.

What has been said from Phenom Hoops:

Each and every time we watch McKelvy play, we are more impressed with his play.  A strong guard on the floor plays with great intensity and such aggressiveness on the court.  He can score in an array of ways, getting downhill, stepping out to knock down the three, or getting to the free-throw line with his strong play. ” – Patrick O’Brien in January 2020