Phenom Hoops has covered 2020 SF Keon Ambrose for quite some time and more will be coming in the future.

He has been one of the hottest prospects as of late, with programs coming left and right with offers.' On Monday, Ambrose released his Top-10 schools and he broke down each school on why they made his list.

Arkansas, Arizona State, California, Clemson, Dayton, Florida, Illinois, Saint Louis, VCU, and Virginia Tech all are in the running.

Arkansas:'“I love their play style and their new coach is known for having a successful career.' Also, the conference they are in is strong.”

Arizona State:'“ASU is a great program who had a great season last year and brings in strong recruits.' Plus, their playstyle really fits me.”

California: “Cal has great education for my future if basketball doesn’t work out.' Plus, they are in a great conference and they signed my former teammate Joel Brown.' Their game I like a lot.”

Clemson: “Clemson is a strong place for me to develop and play against the toughest competition night in and night out and with their great coaches and play style, it is a great thing to look at.”

Florida:'“Florida having one of the best recruiting classes and having a strong development for players can help me for the next level, while also getting a great education.”

Dayton:'“They have been with me since day 1, that has always been something to me because how they are close to home.' Also, I like the role they have me in and their playstyle is what I like.”

Illinois:'“Illinois has a fantastic facility for good development and great players that they are recruiting, plus their playstyle is fluid and more of a motion which I like.”

Saint Louis:'“Saint Louis has a key factor because of their great player development and their great playstyle that shows great on offense and defense.”

VCU:'“VCU is a great place for the next level showing, how they will provide me good development and give me the freedom to show that I can do on the floor.”

Virginia Tech: “They are a great school that makes it high in the tournament and has a smart coach that I like.' Also, their playstyle is impressive.”