Being a part of Phenom Hoop Report has given all of us a great pleasure to watch kids grow into the men they are today in a short time period.  Players such as Coby White now with the Bulls, Ja Morant with Memphis, Bam Adebayo with the Heat, Zion Williamson with the Pelicans, and several others have come through the Phenom Hoops scene and are now one of the premier faces in college and/or NBA.

However, one of the best stories that I can remember, personally, is watching the growth and development of 2020 6’9 Josh Hall at Moravian Prep.  With my time years ago at Phenom Hoop Report, we got to watch this young man in middle school, still trying to figure out just what he is capable of doing on the floor.  As a young kid, he had the length and ability to knock down shots from the outside… but there was so much more potential in his game.  It would just take time for it all to click.

Even stepping away from Phenom for two years, I still had a chance to come back and Hall was always a name that you simply had to get a glimpse of because there was just something special about him.  One can see watching him over those years that Hall put the work in and was fully supported by his family, friends, and fans.  But he still had something to prove and he played that way.

During his young years in high school, Hall continued to develop his overall game and strength, showing that he can be much more than labeled as a shooter.  And now, as I sit here writing this, I just witnessed his best game that I’ve seen him play… a 51-point performance at the Battle at the Rock.

Halls’ growth into the man he is today has been impressive and special to watch.  There aren’t many flaws in his game as he has everything he needs in his arsenal.  No, he is not JUST a shooter, no he is NOT just a 6’9 prospect… Hall is now the full package with his ability to handle, play on and off the ball, spot up for his jumper, and craftiness/smoothness to finish at the rim.  There aren’t too many that can slow him down honestly.

What is even more impressive though is that he still isn’t satisfied. 

Hall continues to stay humble and appreciative of everything that has come his way but he also has that same chip on his shoulder that he has always had, looking to prove doubters wrong.

It might have taken a little while for national media outlets to realize his full potential but after his 51-point performance against AZ Compass Prep at the Battle at the Rock, all doubt should be placed aside and Hall has FIRMLY placed himself as one of the top players in the country.

Now, we can just sit back and wait for his next adventures at NC State and further on.