Hargrave Military Academy is loaded with talent this year.  One guard though is starting to catch the attention of high major programs and just earned his biggest offer from a Pac-12 program.

2020 guard Mark Sears continues to prove to college coaches that he is a talented guard with his handles, ability to score the ball, and his feel for the game.  Now, the senior guard just earned his biggest offer from Washington State, joining a few others in the mix. 

Phenom Hoops spoke with Sears about his latest offer and what else has been going on in his recruitment.  Check out the latest with him.

PHR: How has the season been going for you overall at Hargrave?

Sears: The season has been going great overall.  I have great coaches and teammates, which helps out a lot.

PHR: What has been your mindset coming into the season and what have you been able to show this season?

Sears: My mindset is to help my teammates in all aspects on the court and to be an effective player on the court.  This season, I’ve shown my ability to rebound, distribute the ball, play defense at a high level, and score when I need to.

PHR: Well let me ask about your recruitment.  First off, what are your thoughts on your latest offer from Washington State?  What do you know or like about them?

Sears: I’m very thankful to receive an offer from them.  I like that they compete in the Pac-12 Conference and I’m looking forward to developing a relationship with the coaching staff.

PHR: What did they say or what have you heard from the staff?

Sears: The staff was very welcoming.

PHR: What other offers do you hold right now?

Sears: UAB, Missouri State, Troy, Elon, South Alabama, and Stetson

PHR: Have any of those schools really been making a strong push for you?

Sears: UAB and Missouri State

PHR: What have they really been talking to you about?

Sears: They have been making consistent phone calls (to me).

PHR: Have you made any visits?  What did you like about them and do you think you will take any coming up?

Sears: I visited UAB and plan on visiting Washington State and Missouri State.  I liked the coaching staff (at UAB) and hopefully soon (visiting the others) but right now, I’m focused on the season and helping my team win the National Prep Championship.