Over the last month there may not be a “hotter name” in the Hoop State than Nick Farrar. The 6’7″ junior took a dominating approach to the last half of the high school season and the new started to TAKE OFF! The lefty currently at Apex Friendship High School just plays with the aggressive mean streak of a bull in a china shop! He is above the rim and his motor is non-stop, which makes for incredible high lights.

He has recently visited the likes of NC State and East Carolina, however he is the type of player whose recruitment could explode, given the right setting this summer. His highlights are very loud as he is creeping into the realm of “must watch” status.

Here are his highlights from participating in the prestigious North Carolina Top 80, against the very best the Hoop State has to offer. He won the Mr. Hustle award as one of the top performers of the day.