One of the more impressive prospects that showed up to the Phenom ENC 150 in Raleigh was 2020 6’2 Jay Hickman.  Hickman was the leading scorer at Terry Sanford last year, averaging 13.4 points for the Bulldogs.  This year though, Hickman announced that he would be heading to Northwood Temple Academy and looking to make his mark for the Eagles.

At the Phenom ENC 150 in Raleigh, Hickman continued to showcase his ability to be a knockdown shooter from the floor but also displayed a nice ability to put the ball on the floor and attack opponents.

After the event, Phenom Hoops had this to say:

“Jay Hickman set the tone early during the stations where we work on skill development. The hard-working shooting guard came into the event with a workmanlike attitude and went “all in” during the course of the day. We were impressed with his positive body language, vocal leadership on the court, and most of all his ability to knock down shots. To put it mildly, Hickman is a shot maker and has the ability to knock down perimeter shots beyond the 3-point line with a high degree of efficiency. Hickman has excellent footwork, and does “his work early” getting set for his shot coming off down screens or moving without the ball.” – Rick Lewis

“What he showcased in this setting was his ability to handle and initiate. He took care of possessions, distributed the ball well and overall made plays. This goes to show that Hickman, who has great length and a very projectable frame, can act as a secondary ball-handler as well as a noted floor stretcher/scorer.” – Jamie Shaw

Heading to Northwood this season, Hickman looks to bring that same game.  A player that can score at all levels and someone that can be a lockdown defender.  He is hoping to show everyone just what he is capable of doing.

“What I’m looking to show this season is that I can be a better vocal leader and show that I can do more than just shoot the ball.  I want to be able to make my teammates better,” Hickman told Phenom Hoops.

Not only is he hoping to be a leader on the court but it could translate into a spike in his recruitment.

Right now, Hickman has received interest from VMI, Air Force, Queens, Brown, and a few other schools.

“They have been saying they are interested and that they are going to come watch me in September,” he replied.  “And will follow me through the school season.  Air Force and VMI have been the latest.”

With Hickman’s knockdown capability, along with his overall development offensively and defensively, he has a big opportunity to display to others and coaches just exactly what he is capable of doing.  And it could pa off in a big way.