In the best accumulation the state of North Carolina has seen in quite some time, here are some quick hitters of the 2018 class in attendance.

Coby White

6'5 Coby White (UNC Commit)
Greenfield (Wilson)
White is an electric scorer. He gets to all 3 levels when and is able to finish there. White is an ultra-competitive player and lived up to his top 40 type ranking. He also looks to have grown an in or so.

6'4 Isiah Wilkins
Mount Tabor (Winston-Salem)
Wilkins has a very projectable frame and came into camp having a very productive season. He has great feel in the middle game, showing an array of dribble pull ups and floaters. This could be a big summer for him.

6'5' Kenyon Burt
Garner Magnet (Garner)
Burt is the ultimate gamer. He is a very tough player, defending multiple positions and rebound in and out of his area at a high rate. Offensively he has good pace/vision from the high post and showed the ability to finish around the rim.

6'5' Stephen Edoka
Concord 1st Assembly (Concord)
Edoka is a strong bodied and very athletic wing. He fills the stat sheet across the board with an array of steals, blocks, assists and rebounds. His handle is able to get him into the paint often.

6'5' Makiah Fox
Burlington School (Burlington)
Fox is a very efficient player. As with most well coached player he takes the less is more approach. The lefty made numerous shots in the mid range and was able to set up rim attacks with his jump shot.

6'6' Yancey Hairston
North Mecklenburg (Huntersville)
Hairston is a very strong player. He plays well doing the tough guy stuff like rebounding and defending. He showed touch in the mid range and the explosion to finish above the rim in traffic.

6'5' Anthony Hicks
North Forsyth (Winston-Salem)
Hicks is most comfortable in the point forward role. This may come from his success as a quarterback, but he has great vision to go along with his pace and explosion getting into the lane. Hicks is a tough player, good defender and fills up a stat sheet.

6'5' Jordan Love
Voyager Academy
Love has always had the tools and the length. Now it appears to have all come together as he showed to be a very effective scoring guard. Love started off the event with possibly the dunk of the day, as he rose up over two defender. He is a 3-level shot maker with upside that is easy to see.

6'6' John Newman
Greensboro Day (Greensboro)
Newman has won his whole life at every level. He has been a large part of that due to his ability to play numerous roles on the court. He is a very fundamental defender with great instincts and he is an expert in the mid range with the utmost confidence.

Elijah McCadden

6'5' Sam Okauru
North Raleigh Christian (Raleigh)
Okauru is a strong wing who has great length and athleticism. He showed an ability to score the ball at all 3 levels. He is not afraid to take, and make, the big shot. Okauru is a good rebounder as well.

6'5' Jaylen Sims
Charlotte United Christian (Charlotte)
Sims has great length and explosion and he plays on the ball with a great pace. He showed the ability to defend multiple positions and has good court vision.

6'4' Tre Turner
Northwest Guilford (Greensboro)
Turner is a highly recruited football player but he loves basketball. He is a very good shooter with deep range and he sees the floor well. Turner is also an aggressive wing defender and rebounder.

6'9' Jack Hemphill
Ravenscroft (Raleigh)
Hemphill was one of the breakout performers at the camp. He is very strong and carries good athleticism. He showed the ability to really shoot the ball when his feet are set, from 15 to 22 feet.

6'6' Elijah McCadden
Greenfield (Wilson)
McCadden is a player who does all the little things on the floor to win. He defends the ball and the wing, he rebounds and he passes very well. In this setting he showed the ability to attack the rim and finish in traffic. His Wake Forest offer is looking more and more like the norm to come.

Aaron Cash

6'6' Brett Swilling
United Faith Christian (Charlotte)
Swilling has a good frame and nice explosion. In this event he showed the ability to defend the post and finish above the rim. An intriguing forward prospect.

6'6' Jayden Gardner
Heritage (Wake Forest)
Gardner is as strong as an ox and he is as tough as they come. In this camp he was elbowed in the eye during the drills portion, he went to get 6 stitches and came back to be the 3rd leading scorer in the camp. Gardner carries 10+ offers, that number should rise. He sets the tone.

6'7' Adafe Price
West Stanly (Albemarle)
Each year Price adds something to his game, each year he talk about how good he is. Well its that time of year again, Price is a stud. So long and so athletic he is able to defend the 2-4 positions. Offensively, he has a good middle game and pace on the ball and the explosion to finish in traffic. Price is also a very high academic student.

6'7 Jake Van Der Heijden
Ravenscroft (Raleigh)
Van Der Heijden is a skilled forward. He likes to face up and stretch the floor out as a 4-man. He is a very good shooter with deft touch as his father was a professional hooper overseas.

6'8' Aaron Cash
Cash came into this camp with a purpose and that purpose was to dunk on everyone in his way. The lengthy and highly explosive Cash played with a non-stop motor and a vigorous explosion. He showed ball skills and the ability to defend the perimeter and the post. He is a very intriguing prospect.

Kris Monroe

6'7' Chris Clayton
Asheville Christian (Asheville)
Clayton is very strong and incredibly explosion. He tries to dunk everything within 8 feet of the basket and finishes through contact. Clayton has touch beyond the 3-point line and is a good rebounder. A very surprising leaper

6'8' KC Hankton
United Faith Christian (Charlotte)
Hankton is a skilled left handed stretch-4 man. His range extends beyond the arc and he is able to put it on the floor from the high post or the wing. Hankton has a natural timing on defense.

6'8' Kris Monroe
St David's (Raleigh)
Monroe was one of the biggest mis matches on the day. He has a guards skill set in a forwards body. He is very strong and showed the full arsenal in this event with the abiility to shoot beyond the arc, handle the ball in the half court or get to the basket and finish through contact. The offer Mark Gottfried extended while at NC State is looking more like the norm to come for Monroe.

6'8' Bryson Price
Draughn (Morganton)
Price can really really shoot the ball. He has a sturdy frame to go along with great hands. But he he has sets run for him, he is able to make shots from both the high post and wing. There is clear upside here and watch for a possible breakout summer.

6'8' Jaylin Thorne
Westover (Fayetteville)
Thorne is a throwback type of big. He has great hands and his footwork on the block is advanced. Thorne is a solid athlete with good length and is able to finish consistently over both shoulders.

Hunter Tyson

6'8' Hunter Tyson
Piedmont (Monroe)
Perhaps no player in North Carolina has taken a bigger step forward in the last year than Hunter Tyson. He stands at a lengthy 6'8' and carries ball skills as a secondary ball handler and range to the volleyball line. In this camp he showed the aggression and explosion to finish above the rim and on your head. Clemson, Wake Forest and Tennessee were the first high majors in that list will grow exponentially as he is a Top 100 type prospect.

6'9' Jaylen Gainey
Smith (Greensboro)
Gainey has great length and runs very well. His ball skills are impressive as well from the high post. He has solid timing on defense and good hands when catching the ball. As a high academic 6'9' player with touch, he carries a lot of intrigue.

6'9' Blake Preston
Charlotte Christian (Charlotte)
We were very vocal about how good Preston was after our Jamboree, after our National Showcase and our Feast of Champions in November. We ranked him #10 in the loaded class. Well after his showing at the Top 80, 10 may be too low. He exploded to finish the camp as a Top 5 scorer. He also had the camp single game high of 39 (tied with Coby White). Preston has elite level hands and runs the floor like no other big in the state. He also stepped out and made threes in this setting. Watch closely here, his game is still on the rise and the sky could be the limit here.

6'10' Nate Springs
Myers Park (Charlotte)
Springs has a 7'5' wing span and a 35' vertical leap. He can step out and make the 3 with regularity and put it on the floor for one or two dribbles. His upside is through the roof and the light seems to be coming on for him. He carries no offers now, but if he continues on his path to the paint, those offers could start rolling.