What a great day of basketball. Although this was Phenom Hoops' 15th year running its Junior Phenom and Phenom 150 Exposure Camps, this was our first venture to run the region's most respected camps of its kind in South Carolina. We have always said it, South Carolina is so much more than a football state. When good basketball is around, the state will show out for it. The state, and surrounding areas certainly showed out for these camps.

Both camps sold out and Lexington High School had a gym filled with talent. In this section we are going to break down standouts from each class in South Carolina's Phenom 150 exposure camp.

2022 Standouts

6'6' Julian Phillips
Blythewood (SC)

Phillips is already considered among the Top 100 prospects in the country and is tracking as the top prospect in South Carolina's 2022 class. The lengthy 6'6' Phillips has all of the tools you look for at this stage. He plays hard on both ends (especially when rebounding) and he is able to attack the basket from multiple positions. Phillips showed range and touch on his jump shot, he showed the ability to rip through and get downhill off the bounce and he was able to get position in the mid post and spin to attack the basket. It will be fun to watch Phillips grow as he should start and play a prominent role with 5A power Blythewood High School this year.


6'5' Tony Lorick
Grey Collegiate (SC)

Lorick has great size, very strong body. What is so impressive about him is his quickness and athleticism. Even at this stage he reminds us some of 2018 New Orleans signee Gerrale Gates in this regard. Lorick has great hands with touch around the basket. He rebounded the ball very well, strong with two hands and seemed to finish well around the rim. He has the look of a big time football lineman, however if they are able to keep him on the hardwood, there is no doubt his effective nature on the basketball court as well.


6'1' Lebron Thomas
Lee Central (SC)

Our Rick Lewis came out of Phenom's Southern Jam Live in July just raving about Thomas. Rightfully so, Thomas has an exceptional feel from the point guard position. He walks on the floor with great length and a quick twitch frame. He showcased the ability to defend the point of attack and play with an overall toughness. What really stood out about Thomas was his ability to pass the ball. His court vision was exceptional, his ability to look off defenders and thread the needle. He rebounded extremely well and he touched the paint at will, even as one of the younger players in camp. Watch closely here, he is tracking as one of the best guards in South Carolina's 2022 class.


6'2' Christian Ferguson
Brooklyn Cayce (SC)

Ferguson has a basketball players frame, with wide set shoulders and long sinewy arms. He had a fluidness to his game which paired well with his confidence and ability to get to his spots off the bounce. Ferguson will be interesting to track moving forward as he showed true combo guard ability here and some toughness. He also showcased as someone who could project to grow, which if that happens all bets are off. Very intriguing day and one we will enjoy monitoring closely moving forward.


6'5' Marvin Hires
Dreher (SC)

Hires had no qualms or questions about who he was on the basketball court. Playing against guys 2-3 years older, and taller, the post player went to work around he basket and finished in a multitude of ways. He can step out and knock down the jump shot consistently, he rebounded very well and moved his feet/defended. Hires showed great shot blocking timing with his length and tenacity. He is one who will fun to track over the next couple of years, even as a younger performer in this camp, he left his mark.