Afternoon Hoopers

Team Wall – Marion

6'1' 2019 Sabien Nero

Nero has a great frame with the ball on a string. He is aggressive in getting to the paint and he showed the ability to score the ball well in the paint. He is a strong player with the ball in his hands and he defends well. Nero had 14 points and 5 assists to go with 3 steals here.

Other Standouts:
6'5' 2019 Joe'l Pettiford

Carolina Clippers

6' 2019 Nahrique Smith

This has pretty much been par for the course for all of July, Smith is an absolute bucket. The sturdy and explosive guard is able to get buckets at every level and thrives both in the half court and in transition. He is a tough defender and he rebounds his position well also. He finished with 19 in this one, with 2 made 3s.

NC Top Flight

5'9' 2019 Devin Resper

Resper is very quick, even/especially with the ball in his hands. He has a pure jump shot, both off the catch and the bounce and really plays well within the framework of the offense, never rushing anything. He finished with 18 in this one, and certainly looked the part.

Garner Road Thornton (NC) 16s

6'6' 2021 Redford Dunton

Dunton just gets it done. He has great length and he is a very good athlete. His skill set and knowledge of the game is off the charts. Dunton finished with a game high 21 here, off an array of attacks from the wing and pull up jump shots. Playing up two years here, Dunton was clearly the best prospect on the floor and is one mid to high level schools should go ahead and start investing time into.

Team Cobras (NC) 17s

6'3' 2018 Justin Lowe

Lowe, a lefty sharp shooter kept his sweet stroke rolling in this one. The shooting guard does a great job of manufacturing space for him to get his shot off. Most of his splashes come off the catch, but he did show the ability to knock down off one and two dribble pull ups as well. In this one, Lowe finished with 14 points.

6'3' 2019 Ahmad Jeffries

Jeffries does a great job of finding himself buckets. He is a noted shooter, a high level marksman but he also scores a lot off loose balls and passes in the middle game. Jeffries won't wow you with any aspect of his game, save his shooting stroke, but he will end up with staggering point totals, pretty much each game out. In this one he finished with 20 points.

Sharp Shooters (NC) 17s

6'1' 2019 Demetrius Martin

Martin walks onto the court with great length and incredible quickness. He looks the part. Once the game is tipped Martin showed that he is wired to score the ball. He gets downhill quickly and he scores the ball from range. He's wiry strong, very interesting player and one college coaches should look at.