Team Renegades 79 – Upstate Warriors 75

It was a high-scoring affair between these two and neither team broke away from each other. Both teams were aggressive on offense all throughout the game. For the Renegades, it was the first-half performance by Shamar Hickson that got their team going, while Reese Evans filled it up in the second half. Jaheim Dodd was nearly unstoppable for the Upstate Warriors, scoring on all levels, while also getting help from John Penderman and Chris Abercrombie. It was a tight battle throughout but Team Renegades came away with the 4-point win.

Top Scorers:
Team Renegades:
Reese Evans 24 points
Shamar Hickson 18 points
Tyler Gill 16 points

Upstate Warriors:
Jaheim Dodd 25 points
John Penderman 19 points
Chris Abercrombie 17 points