Queen City Showcase – Clover High School – Game 6 2:50pm – Court 2

17U ACC Bronze Championship

NC Empire 17U Perry – 86

Upward Stars Upstate 17u White – 83

This game started with good shooting early.  David Murphy for the Empire knocking down two 3s, then Bradley Barnes getting hot early for the Empire with three 3-point shots of his own.  Then Lemario Wilkerson Jr scoring in many facets was the main catalyst for his team in the first half.  Comparatively, the Upward Stars had bucket getters too.  Case Roach scoring and getting to the foul line.  Then Sam Brown knocking down 2s and 3s in equal fashion.  Nick Brenegan knocking down shots and so was Christian Chambers.  There was no surprise at all that the first half ended in a 39-39 tie.  In the second half, other players continued to do well for each team like Lamario Wilkerson Jr for NC Empire, who ended the game with 21 points.  Also, Case Roach for Upward who ended the game with 18 points.  However, the rest of the game belonged to two juggernauts: David Murphy for the NC Empire, and Nick Brenegan for the Upward Stars.  Nick would come down and hit a 3, then David had to return the favor with a 3 of his own.  Then Nick with another 3; David with a 2 then another 2.  Nick again with another 3.    Nick Brenegan hit six 3s for the game and several shots inside the 3-point line, leaving his stamp with 26 points.  Nick did his part, and the game was Empire 82 – Upward 81 with 25.2 seconds left.  David Murphy (MVP) took the NC Empire 17U Perry team on his back, knocked down 4 of 4 fouls shots in the closing seconds, and finished the game with 35 points to lead NC Empire 17U Perry team to the 17U ACC Bronze Championship.