Phenom Hoop Report is all over the Mid-Atlantic region so it is no surprise that we rolled into one of the hot beds of talent in the Carolina's, Fayetteville, NC to hold our 3G event this year. While this event may not be as big as others we have hosted of late the talent here is strong. If you were not able to get into the gym, here are a few you may have missed out on.

Demario Norris, 5'7 2021 G with Flight 22 15u ' Quick scoring guard really puts the pressure on the defense off the bounce. Kid always looks to be in high gear and can get on you and by you before you realize it. Lot of heart and 'want to in this kids game as he plays with a high motor on both ends of the floor. Shows plus handles and nasty step-back pull up jumper as well. Showed the ability to be a pest on defense as well. Tasked more with being a scorer here and has mindset to go with it but tool are here to be an above average PG if he chooses to be one.

Zy Mclean, 5'10 2021 G with Flight 22 15u ' Nice looking player can knock'em flat from downtown. Best as a 3 and D prospect at this point but potential is here for more. Will need to work on his handles as his development continues as this will help compliment his spot up game. Picks his spots well and plays within the offense.

TJ Sanders, 6'4 2021 F with Team Wall 15u ' Nice looking game on this young man. Showed good hands, a power inside game, decent feet, and the ability to step out and hit the jumper. Strong body on this kid allows him to hold his own in the dirty spots on the floor. Would have liked to have seen him more active on the glass given his size/strength as others got boards over him in his area more than we'd have liked to have seen. Still, young and talented is a great place to be at this stage and he is that. Will be interesting to see how his game develops moving forward.

Antonio McFadden, 6'2 2021 W with Team Wall 15u ' Love the energy and effort this kid plays the game with. More athlete than player at this point but uses his gifts to produce none the less. Strong with a good body for his age group, he always seems to be around the ball. With no plays really ran for him he still found his way to a double/double just by running the floor hard, being around the rim, and playing the role he was asked to play. Hard not to enjoy players like this when you see them.

Marshal Myers, 5'10 2021 G with Team Wall 15u ' Kid came off the bench and had an instant impact on the game. Team Wall plays fast and with Myers on the floor it was able to do so cleaner and more effectively than what they had looked. He controls the tempo well and is comfortable playing with speed, something a lot of young guards can't say. Showed the jumper from distance but looked best when attacking the rim or going to the mid-range pull-up jumper. Great fit with the team he has around him and tempo they like to run.

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