Court 2

Game 1 9 am

6'5' 2019 Cameron Thomas New Light Disciples

Smooth Combo G/F with nice hops and sharp shooter mid-range out to 3 ptr. Handles well and passes with precision.

Game 1 9 am

6'4' 2019 Dillon Harrison Stars

Can play the 1,2,& 3 allat a high level. Nice perimeter shot mid-range to 3 ptr. Good on/off the ball defender. Unselfish on 'D' and 'O'

Game 2 1030 am

6'2' 2020 Josh Stradford SC Clippers

Streak shooter from the perimeter and strong slasher to the basket finishes with either hand. Defends the 1,2,3,& 4 positions vehemently and rebounds aggressively on both boards.

Game 2 1030 am

5'10' 2020 Demetrius Washington Phoenix Purple

Super Athletic combo guard with supreme rise and will dunk on you! Cat Quick on defense and will defend 94 feet. Awesome rebounder for his guard position. Great motor and leads by example and his team feeds off his energy.

Game 3 1130 am

5'10' 2020 Thomas Shieda All or Nothing

Scoring guard very strong on dribble drives and nice mid-range jumper. Rebounds very well as a PG. Very athletic defends on/off ball well and takes pride in his defense.

Game 3 1130 am

6'2' 2020 Gavin Hughes NC Heat

Plays 1,2,3 positions well with nice shooting range up to 3 pointer. Handles the ball well and a nice passer. Rebounds actively and is involved in his team's success on 'O' and 'D'.

Game 4 1250 pm

5'9' 2021 Justin Holland NC Heat

Scoring point guard who moves very well without the ball to his open spots. Rhythm shooter who can put together 5 or more threes in a row when hot. Strong ball handles w/ either hand and passes equally as well. Defends hard and covers the court well ballside and helpside.

Game 4 145 pm

6'10' 2020 Peyton Brown Phoenix

Big man with good post moves and good perimeter shooting range out to 3 pointer. Defensive stopper in the paint and unselfish on 'D' in that he helps his team mates when they get beat to the basket w/ controlled blocked shots. Very good post passer, hungry rebounder, and has decent handles.

Game 5 250 pm

6'3' 2020 Keshan Porter TC Elite Kings

Instant offensive player who can score in bunches and a variety of different ways. Dribble drive and pull up jumper is a strong suit. Rebounds actively and will start and finish the break using his ups to dunk on folks. His defense is predicated on his offense and he makes his team go.

Game 5

6'2' 2021 Travon Guinyard Disciples

High energy player on offense and defense. Creates turnovers on 'D' which enhances his offense. Athletic ability allows him to defend several positions and also creates a match up problem for opponents. As he goes his team goes on both ends of the court. Inside guard post game nice and outside perimeter scorer

Game 6

5'10' 2020 Deaviun Quiy'' SC Clippers

Multisport athlete who has one gear 'all out' very skilled handles and complete scorer. He takes pride in his defense and turns it into offense off of steals. Will go down w/ the bigs rebound and start the fast break at top speed with strong finishes at the hoop with either hand. Floor leader who uses his moxy to drive himself and the team to victory.

Game 6

6'7' 2020 Davis Blackwell Team Winston

Big man who runs the floor well. Rebounds aggressively on offensive and defensive boards, and can dribble to start the fast break. Adepth passer from the post and works very well in the pick and pop w/ nice elbow & short corner shooting range. Active shotblocker w/ good defensive post position & footwork fronting the post.

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