When you’re watching basketball, no matter the age, the elite players stand out almost immediately. We have been familiar with Jalen Hood-Schifino as he has previously attended numerous camps and events of ours.

At Phenom’s Queen City Middle School Showcase this past weekend, you noticed Hood-Schifino as a stand out quickly. Already standing 6’3” and in most games, Hood-Schifino walks on the floor as one of the taller players on either team. He is a true point guard and should be thought about as an elite level prospect. Unselfish with great vision, he never puts the ball in trouble and has a great handle with great pace. He can score almost at will, from all three levels and he is a great rebounder for his position.

The North Carolina Junior Phenom Exposure camp is the region’s longest running middle school exposure camp. After Hood-Schifino’s performance at last year’s camp we wrote, “Hood-Schifino came into camp with a great attitude. He really took well to the coaching concepts and suggestions given to him throughout the day. Hood-Schifino’s camp coach stated, “Despite Jalen being one of the few 8th graders in camp, he didn’t play like he was the youngest kid there. He has a chance to be special, a player who will be known throughout the country.” Hood-Schifino was comfortable on the ball, running the show. He has great ball handling skills and passed the ball extremely well.”

It is said Hood-Schifino will be playing (at least) 16u, as an 8th grader, for Team Charlotte this season. He has great bloodlines as his uncle Drew averaged 20 points, 5 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game for West Virginia in 2002-03. Watch closely here, go ahead and start looking at Hood-Schifino as a 5-star Top 25 type prospect. He is elite.