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Class of 2016 North Carolina Top 50 Rankings


It is that time of year when we update the Phenom Hoop Report rankings. Jamie Shaw and I will dive into the top players in North Carolina by their respective class. The rankings are merely “projections” of where we believe players will land at the collegiate level. We have watched players over the past spring, summer and fall to form a composite ranking. We have added new names to the list as we were able to have a more extensive viewing of certain players.

First of all, we only ranked players that are attending high school in the state of North Carolina. North Carolina residents that are playing in other states will be listed in those state rankings.

Starting off is the loaded North Carolina class of 2016. We counted over 55 players that are being recruited by D1 schools. Like every ranking, the top 25% are usually agreed upon without any deviations between the two of us. However, with so many AAU teams playing in numerous different events, it is rather difficult for both of us to watch every single player. That being said, the rankings are based upon our evaluations during these events. Note that they are rather fluid and subject to change over the course of the season.

Rank First Last  Ht. Pos. City School
1 Harry Giles 6’8 WF High Point Wesleyan Christian
2 Dennis Smith 6’2 PG Fayetteville Trinity Christian
3 Edrice Adebayo 6’9 PF Charlotte Northside
4 Shuan Kirk 6’6 WF Red Springs Flora MacDonald
5 Iran Bennett 6’9 C Durham Bull City Prep
6 Papl N’diaye 6’9 C Winston-Salem Quality Education
7 Quentin Jackson 6’2 PG Raleigh WOG
8 Jalen Harris 5’11 PG Wilson Greenfield
9 Ty Graves 5’11 PG Greensboro Page
10 Quate McKinzie 6’7 WF Pender Harrell’s Christian
11 Justice Kithcart 6’1 PG Durham Hillside
12 Kwe Parker 6’2 SG Fayetteville Trinity Christian
13 Grant Williams 6’7 PF Charlotte Providence Day
14 Ebuka Izunda 6’10 C Charlotte Victory Christian
15 Ayi Armel Tete 6’9 C Fayetteville Northside Temple
16 Diondre Overton 6’6 WF Greensboro Page
17 Jashaun Smith 6’4 WF Garner Garner
18 Zach Cottrell 6’4 SG Hayesville Hayesville
19 Aaron Adair 6’4 WF Kernersville High Point Christian
20 Jaylen Fornes 6’2 SG Raleigh WOG
21 Michael Pippins 6’7 WF Greenville Rose
22 Matt Kalaf 6’7 PF Raleigh Neuse Christian
23 Brandon Childress 5’11 PG Winston East Forsyth
24 Ty Gadsden 6’1 PG Charlotte United Faith
25 Mark Gilbert 6’2 G Fayetteville Terry Sanford
26 Dondre Griffin 6’2 CG Raleigh Neuse Christian
27 Avery Meltcalf 6’3 WG Harrisburg Hickory Ridge
28 Matt Elmore 6’8 PF Holly Ridge Dixon
29 Charles Norman 6’2 PG Durham Prominence
30 Juan Munoz 5’11 PG Morrisville Panther Creek
31 Jalen Sanders 5’11 PG Salisbury North Rowan
32 Cory Gensler 6’3 SG Cary Cary
33 Stephen Misenheimer 6’5 WG New London North Stanley
34 Trey Carver 6’6 WF Elizabeth City Northeast
35 Thadd Middleton 6’6 F Durham Mt Zion
36 Akeem Tate 6’3 WG Cary Green Hope
37 Trevor Willis 6’3 WF Beaufort East Carteret
38 Marsellis Pervis 6’6 PF Winston-Salem QEA
39 Darion Slade 5’11 PG Clemmons West Forsyth
40 Davion Mintz 6’1 PG Charlotte N Meck
41 Josh Howard 6’6 F Charlotte Providence Day
42 Michael Melvin 5’11 PG Fayetteville Freedom Christian
43 Caron Corpening 6’0 PG Hickory St. Stephens
44 Thank God Msughter 6’7 F Fayetteville Freedom Christian
45 Timmy Walker 6’2 PG Arden Christ School
46 Henry Odunze 6’9 C Erwin Cape Fear Academy
47 Mike Buckland 6’3 WG High Point Wesleyan Christian
48 Kylia Sykes 6’5 WF Fayetteville Trinity Christian
49 Ben Robertson 6’5 WF High Point HPCA
50 Chris Freeman 6’4 WG Winston-Salem RJ Reynolds



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  1. Our mistake. We had him in Virginia and did not catch the move to QEA the first time. Also, he reclassed which we failed to catch. WE will make correction. It slipped through the cracks. Transfers and reclassifications are hard to track. Again, our error and we will correct.

    • I went to the Greenfield tourney in Wilson this week end and the kid Robert Whitfield really impressed a lot of people. He plays at Wake Christian Academy in Raleigh and he literally has no help but is really good talent. I’m expecting for him to move up your rankings soon so keep an eye out for him.

      • I have to agree with Rod. We played against Wake Christian for the consolation game and he was very tough. Fun to watch and seemed to be very coachable. I will also have to put a plug in for a Soph from Wayne Country Day, Kris Cooley. He had a great tournament as well and has played very well against some big talent this year.

  2. There is no doubt that Rob Whitfield should be on the list for 2016. He is by far one of the best point guards in the state. I also saw him at the Greenfield tournament and he was very impressive against other top players. He also leads his team in four categories; 20 points, 6 assists, 5 rebonds, and 2 steals a game from the point guard position.

  3. Looking forward to the spring season! I got a young bronco biding his time waiting his turn….

  4. Lawrence Williams and Brian Howell from New Hanover High are players to watch, this upcoming tournament season. I think they should definately be on that list. Its too much talent coming from this area!Ty Walker, David Pellum ,Kadeem Allen, Alijah Wilson,Ridell Camidge! Who’s representing the 910?

    • Ronnie, thanks for the heads up on the 910. We do need to see the players from the Wilmington area a tad more. We hope to see more of them during the state playoffs.
      Rick Lewis

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